Status Plus

PROTECT – Train the trainer program

Deadline to register for PROTECT is  May 31, 2018

Goal: To promote knowledge of obstetricians and midwives worldwide in the management of perineal trauma and episiotomy through structured training with a view to
minimising pelvic floor and perineal morbidity associated with childbirth.

Objective: To minimise pelvic floor and perineal morbidity associated with childbirth.

How to register: Registrants must meet 2 prerequisite criteria in order to attend this program:
01. Complete and pass theoretical Test Modules on the IUGA website.

02. Attended the OASIS hands-on repair workshop in the past two years or attend this workshop during the 2018 IUGA Annual Meeting.

[Register separately for the PROTECT – Train the Trainer Program at the 2018 annual meeting]

Upon the conclusion of successfully participating in the PROTECT – Train the Trainer course you may begin step 3:

03. *Upload personal videos or photographs (Demonstrate live surgical technique) to IUGA Website (PROTECT area) within 2 years of Step 3.
*NOTE: Those submitting videos or photography must secure consent forms from the subject patients and should use the forms that are typically used within their own institution.

04. Following successful completion of these 4 steps, participants will be awarded a certificate of successful completion of the PROTECT train the trainer program.