Status Plus

Meet the Expert

The “Meet the Experts” breakfast session gives meeting attendees the opportunity to learn more about topics of interest in a small, ten-person group settings.


  1. Practical tips of Managing Bladder Pain Syndrome/ Interstitial Cystitis
    Amita Jain
  2. The role of 2D dynamic and 3D multicompartment sonographic imaging of the pelvic floor in the management of patients following sling surgery for SUI
    Aparna Hegde
  3. Laparoscopic alternatives to sacropexy for prolapse repair
    Jean-Bernard Dubuisson
  4. Urethral diverticula diagnose and surgical management
    Javier Pizarro-Berdichevsky
  5. Surgical treatment of urgency urinary incontinence in women
    Wolfram Jaeger
  6. Peripartum pelvic floor problems
    Kalaivani Ramalingam
  7. How to avoid lawsuits with mesh surgery
    Harold P. Drutz
  8. Fecal incontinence after anorectal surgery
    Max Wunderlich
  9. A positive approach to chronic pelvic pain
    Bert Messelink
  10. Combined clinic with colorectal team
    Manjula Annappa
  11. Complications after apical vaginal prolapse surgeries
    Samuel Badalian
  12. Postoperative voiding difficulty
    Nazli Hameed
  13. Reducing physician burnout
    Catherine Matthews
  14. Assessment of lower urinary tract function
    Linda Cardozo and Dudley Robinson
  15. How cosmetic gynecology can contribute to your practice as gynecologist
    Jack Pardo
  16. How to successfully managed mesh-related pelvic pain
    Elizabeth Geller
  17. Dealing with mesh complications
    Howard  B. Goldman
  18. Join the dialogue: Does Biofeedback therapy helps in training PFM?
    Naheed Kapadia