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Video salon

Modification of layered technique in traumatic cloaca

Presenting author: Karishma Thariani

A novel technique for managing Tension-free Vaginal Tape (TVT) urethral erosion using combined laparoscopic and vaginal approach along with Martius labial flap interposition

Presenting author: Jemina Loganathan

Extraperitoneal uterosacral ligament suspension video

Presenting author: Hemikaa Devakumar

Robot assisted urethrolysis and fistula repair post incontinence surgery

Presenting author: Fadi-Tamas Salameh

Video of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIs) identification and repair – Tips and Tricks!

Presenting author: Annika Taithongchai (United Kingdom)

Adjustable midurethral sling as a routine procedure for uncomplicated stress urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Dmitry Shkarupa

Feasibility of an adjustable autologous fascia sling using the TRT Remeex System™ for the treatment of recurrent stress urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Mauricio Plata

Laparoscopic Mesh removal for post-operative severe pelvic pain of sacrocolpopexy: A video report

Presenting author: Yiqin Wang

"Standardized" apical fixation - laparoscopic bilateral uterosacral ligament replacement: defined material of defined shape at defined fixation sites

Presenting author: Sebastian Ludwig

Pelvic abscess 22 months after surgery with transvaginal single-incision mesh: Vaginal resolution

Presenting author: Agustina Vendramini

Video of a secondary anal sphincter repair and perineal reconstruction following breakdown of a primary repair

Presenting author: Annika Taithongchai (United Kingdom)

Reoperation of urethrovaginal fistula “ Island Flap”

Presenting author: Alois Martan

Laparoscopic and robotic mesh-free suture hysteropexy for uterine prolapse

Presenting author: Ruth Cameron-Jeffs

Anal wound dehiscence combine with uterine prolapse after miles surgery

Presenting author: Xin Yang (China)

Excision of intravesical mini sling using an exclusively transurethral approach

Presenting author: Iwona Gabriel

Step by step video of robotic laparoscopic combined abdominal mesh sacrocolpopexy with ventral mesh rectopexy

Presenting author: Aude Nessi

Single stage vaginal surgical management of irreducible POP and multiple vesical calculi

Presenting author: Krishnan Seethalakshmi

Rouhier’colpocleisis with concomitant vaginal hysterectomy: an instructive video for Female Pelvic Surgeons

Presenting author: Florin Constantin

Removal of large diverticular calculi and repair of female urethral diverticulum

Presenting author: Howard Goldman (USA)

Transvaginal bladder neck closure: A step by step video for female pelvic surgeons

Presenting author: Andrey Petrikovets

laparoscopic management of Youssef syndrome with cervical fibroid-an unusual case

Presenting author: Isha Kriplani

Vaginal repair of a vaginal-cuff vesicovaginal fístula

Presenting author: Melissa Cifuentes

Omental herniation caused by pouch of douglas fistula in uterine procidentia: A case report

Presenting author: Dewi Astri Purnaningtyas

Cystoscopic fulguration in intractable painful bladder syndrome

Presenting author: Lisa Kaestner

Transurethral resection of Mesh extrusion at bladder neck without electrosurgery following uphold surgery

Presenting author: Chun Shuo Hsu

Laparoscopic extraperitoneal burch colposuspension and paravaginal repair in a young patient with SUI and symptomatic cystocele

Presenting author: Selin Devletlian

I-STOP for vault prolapse: Contributing to an interventional procedures guidance for NICE

Presenting author: Fiona Bach

Revisiting the laparoscopic burch

Presenting author: Iwona Gabriel

Simple outpatient technique of removal of an impacted vaginal ring pessary

Presenting author: Annika Taithongchai (United Kingdom)

Burch colposuspension for recurrent stress urinary incontinence after tension-free vaginal tape surgery

Presenting author: Florin Constantin

Use of rectus abdominis fascial sling as treatment of recurrent stress urinary incontinence in a patient with removed previous synthetic sub-urethral sling

Presenting author: Melissa Cifuentes

The novel three-compartment hybrid repair of advanced vaginal vault prolapse

Presenting author: Nikita Kubin

Evaluation of pelvic organ prolapse surgery using autologous dermal tissue

Presenting author: Koichi Nagao

Management of anterior vaginal prolapse with enterocele after radical cystectomy

Presenting author: Jianliu Wang

OAB symptoms - an unusual presentation of urethral stenosis

Presenting author: Ricardo Valderrama


Unmoderated e-posters

Sonographic assessment of mesh placement after laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy

Presenting author: Zdenek Rusavy (Czech Republic)

Mixed urinary incontinence with advance pelvic organ prolapse, management and outcomes

Presenting author: Tsia-Shu Lo (Taiwan)

What do we know about diastasis recti abdominis in Hungary?

Presenting author: Stefánia Gitta

Gynecological management of catamenial pneumothorax-case report

Presenting author: Sema Tas

5-years retrospective follow up of the efficacy of pelvic organ prolapse surgery with or without hysterectomy in one medical center in Taiwan

Presenting author: Chun-Chung Huang

Characteristics of weak detrusor in women with LUTS.

Presenting author: Emina Kayama

A study on relationship between pelvic organ prolapse and sacral slope

Presenting author: Chie Matsushita

Predicting factors for symptom improvement in overactive bladder patients treated with 0.2mg imidafenacin

Presenting author: Jeong Zoo Lee

Urodynamic changes of bladder function according to the degrees of cystocele

Presenting author: Jeong Zoo Lee

Do we need motivational interviewing in physical pelvic pain therapy? Reasons to improve communication in order to make physical therapy interventions for persistent pelvic pain more acceptable and efficient

Presenting author: Heidi Halbedl

The prevalence and treatment pattern of pelvic organ prolapse in Republic of Korea: 7-years Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Presenting author: Jung-Ho Shin

Analysis of the Use of pessaries vaginai and the reduction of the severity of genital prolapse

Presenting author: Leonardo Bezerra

Effect of rehabilitation with a Medilady device on pelvic floor function

Presenting author: Iva Urbankova

Identification of associated risks to urinary retention after women’s genital prolapse surgery

Presenting author: Mathilde Aublanc

The effects of “cut the unilateral midurethral sling off” in women with voiding dysfunctions after anti-incontinence surgery

Presenting author: Yeh Giin Ngo

Large inclusion cyst following vaginal hysterectomy causing pain and mass effect requiring laparoscopic excision

Presenting author: Patrick Harrington

Levator ani avulsion in women with pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Lestari Mustikarini

The prevalance of recurrent cystitis history in patients with IC/bladder pain syndrome

Presenting author: Hee Seo Son

Surface Electromyography analysis of patients with slight anterior vaginal wall prolapse

Presenting author: Huan Li

Correlation of symptoms in women with bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis (BPS/IC) with cystoscopy & histologic findings

Presenting author: Angamuthu Arunkalaivanan

Laparoscopic Organopexy with Non-mesh Genital (LONG) suspension: A novel uterine preservation procedure for the treatment of apical prolapse

Presenting author: Cheng-Yu Long (Taiwan)

The effects of fractional CO2 laser treatment on the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunctions and vulvovaginal atrophy

Presenting author: Bence Kozma

Impact of posterior biologic grafts at the time of posterior colporrhaphy: Focus on posterior vaginal recurrence rates

Presenting author: Jeffrey Schachar

Long-term outcomes after mid-urethral slings for urinary incontinence: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Presenting author: Cássia Juliato

Single incision apical mesh and sacrospinous ligament fixation in pelvic prolapse surgery

Presenting author: Juan Sardi

Incidence of lower urinary tract dysfunctions in diabetic patients placed on the waiting list for a combined kidney and pancreas transplantation and their relationship to the severity of diabetes mellitus

Presenting author: Jan Mokriš

An examination of parameters in patients with pelvic organ prolapse who couldn’t complete pressure-flow study

Presenting author: Mio Togo

Effect of intraoperative single local anesthetic injection into the obturator foramen on early postoperative groin pain in transobturator sling operation: A prospective, randomized study

Presenting author: Myung Ki Kim

A long- term comparative study of Uphold TM mesh against Anterior Colporrhaphy

Presenting author: Moshe Gillor

Effect of imipramine on urethral opening pressure – a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover study in healthy women

Presenting author: Niels Klarskov

Persistent genital arousal disorder-Case report-review of the literature

Presenting author: Ömer Demir

The effect of oral antibiotic therapy on bladder functions in an awake rat model of interstitial cystitis

Presenting author: Bo-Hwa Choi

Risk factors and outcome of repair of obstetric anal sphincter injuries as followed up in a dedicated perineal clinic

Presenting author: Breffini Anglim

Transobdurator tape surgery effect on sexual dysfunction in women with stress urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Nuriye Büyükkayacı Duman

General outcome, patient satisfaction and lower urinary tract symptoms 5 years after vaginal native tissue repair with hysterectomy for pelvic organ prolapse repair

Presenting author: Cosima Kemmether

Retrospective cohort study of the outcome of the outpatient Periurethral Bulkamid at East Sussex Healthcare urogynaecology unit.

Presenting author: Hosam Elhalwagy

Success and satisfaction of tension-free vaginal tape surgery in females with stress urinary incontinence: Results at 17 Years of Follow-up

Presenting author: Jeong Zoo Lee

The risk factors of occult obstetric anal sphincter injuries in a sample of primigravid women with uncomplicated term pregnancy

Presenting author: Murat Yassa

Interactive pelvic floor muscle training for female urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Peter Rosenblatt

Pathophysiological signals in the urine of diabetics from a tertiary LUTS clinic, routine outpatient diabetic clinic and controls

Presenting author: Sheela Swamy

Vaginal flatus as another manifestation of symptomatic vaginal amplitude: clinical management

Presenting author: Jack Pardo (Chile)

Long term outcomes of the vaginally assisted laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy (VALS)

Presenting author: Stavros Athanasiou

Regional audit of mid-urethral tapes for stress urinary incontinence in Northern Ireland

Presenting author: Sophie Stezaker

Pelvic floor relaxation using vaginal dilators in the treatment of genitopelvic pain/penetration disorder (vaginismus)

Presenting author: Funda Gungor Ugurlucan

Novel zinc containing vaginal moisturizer gel (JUVIA) improves postmenopausal vulvovaginal symptoms

Presenting author: Bence Kozma

A qualitative study of women's values and decision-making surrounding LeFort Colpocleisis

Presenting author: Danny Lovatsis

Effects of female genital mutilation/cutting on birth – a retrospective case-control-study

Presenting author: Daniela Dörfler

Minilaparoscopic lateral colpo-hystero-suspension

Presenting author: Francesca Dalprà

Pessary expulsion rate and risk factors for expulsion in women with pelvic organ prolapsed in southern Thailand

Presenting author: Wongsakorn Limbutara

Biomechanical mapping of the female pelvic floor before and after prolapse surgery

Presenting author: Vladimir Egorov

Underestimation of pelvic organ prolapse extent in supine straining position

Presenting author: Anique Grob

Pelvic organ surgery using Uphold (TM) vaginal mesh: Is concomitant hysterectomy a risk factor for mesh exposure?

Presenting author: Syad Abdirahman

Factors affecting the effectiveness of botulinum toxin - A injection in overactive bladder patients

Presenting author: Jeong Zoo Lee

Patient acceptability of vaginal pessaries

Presenting author: Sarah Burgess

Sand-wich technique: A new way to standardize the tape adjustment at the moment of retropubic surgical procedure

Presenting author: Felipe Andreoli

Change of Bladder compliance after mid-urethral sling for female neurogenic stress incontinence

Presenting author: Hee Seo Son

Characteristic of vesicovaginal fistula surgical

Presenting author: Suskhan Djusad

Pelvic floor muscle reflex activity during drop-landings and mini-trampolining – an exploratory study

Presenting author: Helena Luginbuehl

Dense vaginal adhesions after traditional colporrhaphy. A case report

Presenting author: Themistoklis Mikos

Obstetric anal sphincter injuries: a survey on clinical practices and knowledge amongst midwives and residents

Presenting author: Kai Lyn Ng (Singapore)

Vaginal cancer occurring in a woman with longstanding untreated total uterine prolapse

Presenting author: Amornrat Temtanakitpaisan

Prevalence of urinary incontinence in women with spinal cord injury

Presenting author: Marlene Elmelund

Changes in uterine prolapse treatment from conservative to surgical in low middle income country

Presenting author: Azami Denas Azinar (Indonesia)

Influence of differences in pelvic tilt position on the vaginal pressure, lower limbs and trunk muscle activity at the half sitting position

Presenting author: Yui Takahashi

Comparative impact of reconstructive surgery in patients with Stage IV apical prolapse

Presenting author: Soo Rim Kim

Does mobility of the bladder neck affect the choice of the sling and the outcome? retrospective cohort study

Presenting author: Kamil Svabik (Czech Republic)

A trial for the hybrid operation of anterior vaginal wall repair with trans-vaginal minimal mesh and posterior vaginal wall repair with dermis harvested from lateroabdominal skin

Presenting author: Masami Takeyama

Effects of laparoscopic bilateral uterosacral ligament replacement on urinary incontinence in patients with POP-Q stage 1 – 4

Presenting author: Sebastian Ludwig

Pelvic floor muscle training and KAATSU for women with stress urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Ulla Due

Vaginal cones for perineal strengthening and treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women

Presenting author: Leonardo Bezerra

Effects of vulvovaginal laser therapy on postmenopausal vaginal atrophy: A prospective study

Presenting author: Priyanka Singh

Transvaginal detachment repair for median-lateral cystocele and paravaginal defect

Presenting author: Christian Göpel

Audit on SNS treatment for faecal incontinence (FI)

Presenting author: Aneta Obloza

Comparison of surgery for stress urinary incontinence; Burch colposuspension, TVT and TOT

Presenting author: Raheela Rizvi

Outcome and assessment of QOL in patients underogoing laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy

Presenting author: Homare Okazoe

Do they, or don't they - Do nurses in urology and in the field of continence consultation integrate sexual health issues in their daily routine? Self-assessment-survey-results from the annual national meeting

Presenting author: Lucia Ucsnik

Efficacy of Vaginal and Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy (VLSC), a dual approach to utero-vaginal prolapse, compared with Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy (LSC) alone

Presenting author: Ariel Aharoni

The effect of percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation on sexual function: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Presenting author: Victoria Kershaw

Co-occurrence of pelvic floor dysfunctions in primiparous: A cross-sectional study

Presenting author: Marilene Monteiro

Perioperative hemorrhagic complications in pelvic floor reconstructive surgery

Presenting author: Wenjin Cheng

The evolving face of continence surgery in a teaching hospital

Presenting author: Catharina Bisseling

Outcome of pregnancy following renal transplantation

Presenting author: Sarah Hassan

Characterization of patients with previous history of burch colposuspension who attend to uro-gynecology unit

Presenting author: Javier Pizarro-Berdichevsky (Chile)

Displaced intrauterine device with rectal perforation: A practical and novel approach of removal

Presenting author: Mary Rani Cadiz

Levels of pelvic floor support; What do they look like on magnetic resonance imaging?

Presenting author: Markus Huebner

The efficacy and safety of Apical Slings versus Laparoscopic/Robotic assisted Sacrocolpopexy in the repair of vaginal vault prolapse

Presenting author: Jeffrey Schachar

Three, four or five CO2 laser-therapies for the management of the genitourinary syndrome of menopause? Long-term follow-up of a case-controlled study

Presenting author: Eleni Pitsouni

Treatment of recurrent cystocele in the Netherlands

Presenting author: Joggem Veen

Hydrodissection of the retro-pubic space with infiltration prior to retro-pubic mid-urethral tension free tape insertion

Presenting author: Visha Tailor

Analysis of correlation between the severity of urinary incontinence and sexual function in women with pelvic floor dysfunction

Presenting author: Leonardo Bezerra

Factors associated with failure of site specific repair for prolapse in a regional Australian centre

Presenting author: Patrick Harrington

Clinical evaluation of the UpHold Lite Mesh for the surgical treatment of uterine-predominant prolapse: a prospective, multi-center trial

Presenting author: Lucie Allègre

Catheter-valve to rescue female voiding difficulty

Presenting author: Huan-Cheng Hung

Intra-abdominal pressure comparison in healthy volunteers during the practice of Hatha Yoga versus Hypopressive Yoga

Presenting author: Melissa Cifuentes

Impact of pelvic floor dysfunctions on female sexuality

Presenting author: Agustin Sampietro

Burch colposuspension and the retropubic mid-urethral sling for the treatment of female urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Rocio Villegas

Changes in collagen tissue matrix in association with pelvic organ prolapse staging

Presenting author: Svjetlana Lozo (USA)

Utility of endoscope holder robot EMARO in laparoscopic sacral colpopexy

Presenting author: Tomoko Kobayashi

A national population-based survey of the prevalence, potential risk factors, and symptom-specific bother in symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse in adult Chinese women--Pelvic organ prolapse quantification system based study

Presenting author: Lan Zhu (China)

Can we predict postoperative stress urinary incontinence following laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy?

Presenting author: Alfa Meutia

Vaginal uterus-sparing repair of central and anterior compartment prolapse: Apical sling and subfascial colporrhaphy (hybrid technique) – 2 years’ follow-up

Presenting author: Ekaterina Shapovalova

Study on the importance of vaginal dumbbells in postpartum pelvic rehabilitation

Presenting author: Yan Hu

One year follow-up of the Ingynious mesh

Presenting author: Daniela Ulrich (Austria)

The impact of pelvic organ prolapse surgery on bladder function: comparison of three surgical approaches

Presenting author: Anna Padoa (Israel)

Evaluating pelvic floor muscle contraction using transperineal ultrasound in patients with pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Mifuka Ouchi

Urinary tract infections following urodynamics investigations : An audit

Presenting author: Anurada Subramaniem

Pelvic floor muscle activity during fast voluntary contractions in continent and incontinent women

Presenting author: Monika Leitner

The efficacy of Modified Viennese Manual Perineal Protection (VMPP) versus conventional technique in perineal protection at second stage of labour

Presenting author: Zalina Nusee (Malaysia)

Are we perfrming episiotomies correctly? A study to evaluate french technique in a hight-risk maternity unit

Presenting author: Fanny Bechard

New possibilities in the treatment of overactive bladder

Presenting author: Georgy Sharvadze

Ultrasonography and clinical outcomes following anti-incontinence procedures single incision sling (SIS) vs. trans-obturator tape (TOT): A 3-year post-operative review

Presenting author: Tsia-Shu Lo (Taiwan)

The novel technique of vaginal vault prolapse repair: apical sling and “neocervix” formation - 2 years’ outcomes

Presenting author: Dmitry Shkarupa

Single incision mid-urethral sling and tension-free vaginal tape procedure for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence: a 36-month follow-up randomized study

Presenting author: Seong Ho Lee

The influence of a selected exercise model on the quality of life of women with grade I stress urinary incontinence in relation to the number of births they have given - A randomized trial

Presenting author: Magdalena Ptak

Clinical score predictive of abdominal leak point pressure (ALPP) <60 cm H2O in women with stress urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Maria Gracia Grutadauria

Correlation between anterior vaginal wall prolapse and parameters of urethral pressure profile

Presenting author: Gin-Den Chen

Female sexual dysfunction in patients with urinary incontinence and LUTS

Presenting author: Raheela Rizvi

How does fistula repair affect mental state of Japanese patients with vesicovaginal fistula?

Presenting author: Akiko Fujisaki

Vaginal birth after Cesarean - levator ani avulsion rate, pelvic floor disorders and mode of delivery preference - cohort study

Presenting author: Kamil Svabik (Czech Republic)

Do women have knowledge about the pelvic floor muscles and their dysfunctions? A systematic review

Presenting author: Cássia Juliato

Association between pelvic organ prolapse types and levator-urethra gap as measured by 3D transperineal ultrasound

Presenting author: Bence Kozma

Real Time Ultrasound based functional assessment of the deep lateral abdominal muscles. An intra-tester and test-re-test reliability study - Pilotstudy

Presenting author: Barbara Goedl-Purrer

Role of postoperative uroflowmetry in patients with retropubic slings and medium - term voiding dysfunction

Presenting author: Sebastian Viguera

Do patients wtih mild to moderate urge urinary incontinence symptoms have a similar response to Botulinum Toxin A treatment as patients with severe symptoms?

Presenting author: Alan Paul Gehrich

A systematic review of drug treatment of vulvodynia: evidence of a strong placebo effect

Presenting author: Marilene Monteiro

Effect of imipramine on anal opening pressure – a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover study in healthy women

Presenting author: Niels Klarskov

Overactive bladder symptoms and detrusor overactivity: Do the symptoms predict urodynamic diagnosis?

Presenting author: Smita Rajshekhar

Comparison of mesh exposure rate required surgical intervention of transvaginal mesh(TVM) and laparoscopic abdominal sacral colpopexy (ASC)

Presenting author: Yi-Ling Lee

Efficacy of transvaginal Mesh release surgery as a treatment method for complications after mid-urethral sling surgery

Presenting author: Jeong Zoo Lee

3-year follow-up of patients with stress urinary incontinence treated with minimally invasive Er:YAG laser

Presenting author: Adrian Gaspar (Argentina)

Is it possible to predict surgical indication for pelvic organ prolapse prior to physical examination?

Presenting author: Marco Soligo

Validation of a cholinergic-induced model of detrusor overactivity using a rat isolated whole bladder

Presenting author: Melissa Cifuentes

Quantitative assessment of urethral vascularity in the first trimester of pregnancy

Presenting author: Ozgur Yeniel

Large case series of site specific repair for pelvic organ prolapse at a regional Australian centre- success and complication rate

Presenting author: Patrick Harrington

‘Pelvic Bulge’ maneuver coupled with simultaneous biofeedback regarding pelvic and abdominal muscle activity: A prospective pilot study of a novel technique in women with learned voiding dysfunction

Presenting author: Aparna Hegde (India)

Outcomes of transvaginal high uterosacral vault suspension for apical prolapse repair: A comparative study between unilateral and bilateral fixation

Presenting author: Pattaya Hengrasmee

Factors associated with pelvic floor muscle strength in women with pelvic floor dysfunction assessed by the Brink scale

Presenting author: Jittima Manonai

Characteristics of women with symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse in an Asian tertiary center over ten years

Presenting author: Rachel Yau Kar Cheung

Factors affecting contained specimen manual extraction after robotic assisted laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy during pelvic organ prolapse surgery

Presenting author: Iwona Gabriel

Vaginal space – a new dimension to evaluate pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Zoltan Nemeth

Outcome of laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy with anterior and posterior polypropylene mesh in multicompartment pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Jimmy Nomura

Risk factors scoring system as predictor model in obstetric anal sphincter injury

Presenting author: Arufiadi Anityo Mochtar

Erbium laser thermo-therapy for female stress urinary incontinence – 18 months follow-up

Presenting author: Zdenko Vizintin

The result of interval cystoscopic evaluation after 6-month post-operative anterior vaginal mesh repair: Cross-sectional study

Presenting author: Bussaranya Puttanapitak

Are there any differences in the distribution pattern of circulating sex steroid levels between postmenopausal women with stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse? A retrospective analysis

Presenting author: Barbara Bodner-Adler (Austria)

Correlation between the thickness of the urethrovaginal space and female sexual function index

Presenting author: Murat Yassa

The alpha-blocker monotherapy for voiding dysfunction in women with underlying neurologic diseases

Presenting author: Duk Yoon Kim

Episiotomy, urinary incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse: is it time for an update?

Presenting author: Adi Yehuda Weintraub

TVT tape adjustment technique as a factor in reducing postoperative voiding disability and improving the success rate

Presenting author: Hosam Elhalwagy

Improving quality together: A multidisciplinary quality improvement project for bladder care in obstetrics

Presenting author: Catharina Bisseling

Identification of potential biomarker for diagnosis of overactive bladder in urothelium

Presenting author: Ju Hyun Shin

Are complications of suburethral sling surgery associated with sonographic parameters?

Presenting author: Cristina Ros (Spain)

Does mid-urethral sling surgery improve the patients’ mental status?

Presenting author: Manami Kinjo

Patient acceptability of endo-anal ultrasound scan following obstetric trauma

Presenting author: Gemma Nightingale (United Kingdom)

Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus - Comparison of laser treatment vs. topical steroids, preliminary results

Presenting author: Zdenko Vizintin

Therapeutic durability of repeat onabotulinum toxin A injections for idiopathic detrusor overactivity

Presenting author: Aneta Obloza

Feasibility study of non-ablative cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency treatment for stress urinary incontinence (SUI)

Presenting author: Bruce Allan

Do they, or don't do they - enterostomy and continence consultants self-assessing the integration of sexual health issues in diastase-management at the annual national meeting

Presenting author: Lucia Ucsnik

Bowel symptoms after pelvic reconstructive surgery

Presenting author: Eun-Hee Yoo

Pelvic floor myofascial therapy is associated with improved VAS pain scores and FSFI scores in women with dyspareunia 6 months post-partum

Presenting author: Fan Yi

Experiences of women receiving care for pelvic organ prolapse: Are services women-centred?

Presenting author: Suzanne Hagen

Research on the construction of pelvic floor sacrospinous ligament based on three-dimensional bioprinting technique

Presenting author: Jianliu Wang

Vaginal Hysterectomy - Has it had its day?

Presenting author: Orfhlaith E O'Sullivan

Efficacy of Darifenacin use combined with pelvic floor physiotherapy in Overactive Bladder Syndrome treatment in women

Presenting author: Cifuentes Melissa

Sacrospinous fixation with Mesh: Hysteropexy vs Colpopexy

Presenting author: Carola Sandor

Repeat mid-urethral sling for the management of recurrent or persistent female stress urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Jocelyn Stern

Predictors of treatment response to percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation(PTNS) in women with overactive bladder

Presenting author: Suneetha Rachaneni

Symptom relief, satisfaction and regret in patients undergoing colpocleisis: A medium-term follow up study

Presenting author: Alexandra Cottam

Risk factors for poor adherence to anticholinergics therapy in Chilean patients with Overactive Bladder (OAB): Analysis of a large dataset from a prospective collected database

Presenting author: Gabriela Alarcón

Knowledge of pelvic floor disorder among pregnant women In Malaysia

Presenting author: Beng Kwang Ng

Is urethral hypermobility in patients with stress urinary incontinence associated with levator ani muscle subdivision defects?: 3 dimensional endovaginal ultrasound assessment

Presenting author: Aparna Hegde (India)

Exploring the connection between retroverted uterus and pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Juana Hutchinson-Colas

A prospective observational cohort study of the Ajust® minisling performed under conscious sedation with local infiltration

Presenting author: Marian Engberts

Validity and reliability of Thai version of the Overactive Bladder Questionnaire Short form (OAB-q SF) in women with overactive bladder

Presenting author: Thanawat Sangnucktham

Genetic association in female stress urinary incontinence: a case-control study

Presenting author: Marianne Koch (Austria)

Advanced practice continence & women's health physiotherapy in urogynaecology

Presenting author: Hannah Graetz

Reliability and agreement of the Pelvic Floor Sensory and Muscle Function Evaluation (PFSMFE): A methodological study

Presenting author: Marilene Vale Castro Monteiro

Anterior-apical single-incision mesh surgery (Uphold): outcomes on lower urinary tract symptoms, anatomy and ultrasonography at 1 year

Presenting author: Tsia-Shu Lo (Taiwan)

Predictors of voiding dysfunction following uphold Mesh repair for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Loo Zixi

Factors that predict the medium-term success of the use of pessaries for symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Gaik Imm Tan

Laparoscopic cerclage sacrohysteropexy: One year follow up of a novel technique for performing mesh sacrohysteropexy

Presenting author: Katherine Armstrong

Does the mesh fixation influence sacrocolpopexy differences in adverses effects and efficacy?: Systematic review

Presenting author: Jorge Milhem Haddad (Brazil)

Pelvic floor morphology in nulliparous women on magnetic resonance imaging

Presenting author: Michal Krcmar

A 3D computational model to analyze the temperature distribution induced by a transvaginal laser

Presenting author: Elisabete Silva

The association of risk factors with lower urinary tract symptoms: The Community Health Survey

Presenting author: Hong Sang Moon

Vaginal microcirculation to objectify wound healing after vaginal surgery

Presenting author: Arnoud Kastelein

Factors associated with overactive bladder symptoms improvement after one year of monthly PTNS treatment

Presenting author: Ghazaleh Rostami Nia

Rectovaginal fistula secondary to a gellhorn pessary: A case report & literature review

Presenting author: Ross McBride

OnabotulinumtoxinA detrusor injection improves female sexual function in women with overactive bladder wet syndrome

Presenting author: Matteo Balzarro

Prevalence of pelvic floor disorders in female crossfit athletes

Presenting author: Rachel High

Generic and disease specific health related quality of life among German and Danish women with urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Louise Schreiber Pedersen

Transvaginal treatment of anterior and apical genital prolapse using an ultra light weight mesh : RESTORELLE® Direct Fix A 12 M follow up

Presenting author: Anne Gauthier

Recurrence of prolapse following vaginal hysterectomy with and without vaginal vault fixation: A retrospective review

Presenting author: Ira Dominique Malonzo

Effects and safety of Pueraria mirifica gel on vaginal health and lower urinary tract in postmenopausal women

Presenting author: Jittima Manonai

Factors affecting the period between the first and second hydrodistension in females with painful bladder syndrome and interstitial cystitis

Presenting author: Jeong Zoo Lee

Musculoesqueletic evaluation of the lumbar-pelvic complex end the pelvic floor muscle of women with deep endometriosis

Presenting author: Leonardo Bezerra

Psychometric validation of the Italian electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire (I.ePAQ): the Vaginal Section

Presenting author: Marco Soligo

Increased urethral expression of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 and 4 in cyclophosphamide-induced cystitis

Presenting author: Sun-Ouck Kim

Is the post-orgasm coital urinary incontinence a different entity from coital incontinence? Analysis of risk factors in women in a Urogynecology unit.

Presenting author: Henry Castro

Analysis of the musculofascial part of female pelvic floor using MRI in symptomatic patients before vaginal reconstructive surgery

Presenting author: Michal Krcmar

What factors affect quality of life of women with pelvic organ prolapse?

Presenting author: Symphorosa Shing Chee Chan (Hong Kong)

Risk of unexpected malignancy in Chinese women undergoing vaginal hysterectomy for pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Mei Chi Cheng

Müllerian vaginal cyst mimicking pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Aude Nessi

Prevalence and risk factors of pelvic organ prolapse among women at risk For metabolic syndrome in southern Philippines medical center

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A case of severe pain in pregnancy following sacrohysteropexy

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Vaginoplasty by using in mayor-rokitansky-kuster-hauser syndrome

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Prevalence of urinary incontinence and its determinants among pregnant women in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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Could a small bladder be predictive of detrusor overactivity in patients with overactive bladder symptoms?

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Long term changes in urine flow among women with retropubic sling for more than 5 years

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Prevalence of fecal incontinence in women with spinal cord injury

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Sham-controlled study on the short-term effects of Er:YAG laser application in a sheep model for vaginal atrophy

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Anal incontinence and impact on mood disorders in an urban clinic setting

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Study on the use of mid-urethral tapes for stress urinary incontinence

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Factors associated with overactive bladder symptoms improvement after 12 weekly PTNS treatments

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Transvaginal treatment using Restorelle® direct fix with or without midurethral sling: Results of a retrospective study

Presenting author: Philippe Ferry

Medical vs surgical treatment of urgency urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Wolfram Jaeger (Germany)

Uterine leiomyoma embolization ,an option for acute urinary retention

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Comparison of anti-incontinence devices during crossfit exercise

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Necrotizing fasciitis complicating transobturator tape operation

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Efficacy and safety of initial 10 mg Solifenacin treatment in female patients with overactive bladder in elderly patients: A randomized controlled trial

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Effect of preoperative period and pretreatment on the surgical outcomes of vesicovaginal fistula

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Early transperineal ultrasound to predict success rates in women undergoing mid-urethral sling surgery

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BFGF and EGF promoted the expression of type I and type III collagen in fibroblasts from mesenchymal sources in pelvic floor tissue engineering

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Day-case laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy, a compelling option in selected patients

Presenting author: Brannwel Tibi

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) surgery: Native tissue repair vs prosthetic surgery. Compared outcomes

Presenting author: Giuseppe Ettore

Urinary incontinence and quality of life in female patients with obesity

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Non-instrumented uroflowmetry with concomitant perineal surface electromyography: Does surface EMG help diagnose learned voiding dysfunction in women when coupled with free uroflow?

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Vaginal hysterectomy and McCall culdoplasty in women with stage III uterine prolapse. 5 years follow-up

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Urinary incontinence in gestational period: Prevalence and risk factors in first pregnancy

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Risk factors for the failure of iliococcygeus suspension for apical vaginal prolapse

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Prevalence of vaginal laxity and correlation of genital laxity and wind to the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse

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Anatomical comparison in patients with prolapsus pelvic organs post total vaginal hysterectomy with or without fixation sacrospinous ligament

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Quality of life, sexuality, absence of erosion after implantation of an improved titanised polypropylene Mesh after 12-month-follow-up

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Outcome after transvaginal surgery using self-cut mesh for pelvic organ prolapse: 3-year follow up

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Complications after apical vaginal prolapse surgeries (vaginal, robotic, laparoscopic): 5-year experience and the role of surgeon on outcomes

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A ureter obstruction after modified Manchester Fothergill operation; description of a rare complication

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Surgical outcomes of laparoscopic sacrocervicopexy using a vaginally assisted d-shaped mesh in advanced stage pelvic organ prolapse patients with preservation of the uterus or cervix

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Mitofusin2 regulates the proliferation and function of fibroblasts: Possible mechanisms of pelvic organ prolapse

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Long-term follow up of pubovaginal versus midurethral slings for the treatment of intrinsic sphincter deficiency

Presenting author: Jeffrey Schachar

Anal and urinary incontinence after delivery in complicated deliveries: A review of the patients seen at the post-natal assessment clinic

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Urogenital symptoms associated with sacral perineural cysts

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Evaluation for postpartum pelvic floor using 3-dimention endoanal and enovaginal ultrasonography

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Eight-year experience with polyacrylamide hydrogel (Bulkamid®) treatment of urinary incontinence: Are patients outcomes improved with operator experience and a balanced informed patient choice as first line treatment option?

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A case report of infected bladder calculus with complete pelvic organ prolapse which is difficult to treat

Presenting author: Hirokazu Abe

Objective and subjective outcome of transvaginal repair using the Elevate mesh for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse

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Retrospective review of treatment outcomes for women referred to the combined pelvic floor disorders clinic

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Development of dysuria with secondary amenorrhea in young women as a result of anorexia

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Morphology of female pelvic floor on magnetic resonance imaging in nuliparas compared to primiparas with elective c-section

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Analysis of ano-rectal functional disorders after genital prolapse surgery in women: influence of the surgical approach

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Demographic changes and effects on the mode of delivery. A retrospective analysis of a large birth registry containing 27,786 singleton deliveries in a level I center

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How physical therapy contributes to neurodynamic regulation in persistent vulvar pain. A synthesis of evidence based physical treatment options for vulvar pain considering pain mechanism

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Survey of patient satisfaction with urodynamic testing in a district general hospital

Presenting author: Sophie Stezaker

6 Cases of de novo stress urinary incontinence after single-incision laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy: a retrospective analysis

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Over ten years of follow-up after the inside-out tension-free vaginal tape-obturator procedure: a prospective cohort study

Presenting author: Lan Zhu (China)

Physicians’ attitudes towards the treatment of overactive bladder in women in the Lebanese population

Presenting author: Mohammad Jaffal

Secondary repair of severe chronic fourth-degree perineal tear due to obstetric trauma

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Experience in the use of mini slings in the management of urinary incontinence, 3-year follow-up

Presenting author: Juan Sardi

Is 2D-ultrasound a reliable method for measurement of pelvic floor muscle contraction?

Presenting author: Maria Nyhus

Randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of fascia lata with synthetic mesh in abdominal sacrocolpopexy

Presenting author: Natarajan Rajamaheswari (India)

Fractional CO2 laser treatment significantly increases vaginal fluid zinc and copper level

Presenting author: Bence Kozma

Comparison of transperineal and endoanal ultrasound diagnostics of OASI – pilot study

Presenting author: Petr Hubka

Can urinary BDNF be a useful biomarker in lower urinary tract symptom assesment? A meta-analysis

Presenting author: Alka Bhide

To investigate the efficiency of including trans-perineal trigger point dry needling with manual therapy for chronic pelvic pain with dyspareunia and associated pelvic floor dysfunction: An open-label trial

Presenting author: Shalini Wiseman

Evaluation of urinary symptoms and urodynamic abnormalities in HTLV-I infected individuals with associated myelopathy

Presenting author: Alka Bhide

Severity of urinary incontinence symptoms in postpartum women

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The association between levator ani muscle trauma with sexual dysfunction, marital disharmony and psychiatric morbidities

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MRI pelvic floor findings in females with urgency urinary incontinence

Presenting author: Rania Farouk

Comparison of long-term outcomes between two sacrospinous suture capture devices: A randomized controlled trial

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A case series of patients treated with a VY advancement with or without ZZ plasty for superficial dyspareunia

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Vaginal mesh for prolapse: natural history of success and failure. A prospective long-term follow-up of 135 implants

Presenting author: Nicola Dykes (New Zealand)

Anterior vs posterior approach sacrospinous fixation (SSF) for apical vaginal wall prolapse

Presenting author: Shafia Shakoor Siddiqui

Relationship between cystoscopic emptying and voiding recovery from acute urinary retention in hospitalized female patients due to non-urological clinical setting

Presenting author: Jungbum Bae

Surgical repair of severe prolapse with Surelift System

Presenting author: Sabina Salicrú

A 12 months follow-up study of erbium laser treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women using robotic laser probe

Presenting author: Adrian Gaspar (Argentina)

Increased expression of urothelial aquaporin-1 in caveolin-1 knockout mice urinary bladder

Presenting author: Sun-Ouck Kim

Cost-effectiveness of mirabegron and tolterodine for the treatment of overactive bladder in Japan - Which drug is more cost-effective if used as the first-line treatment?

Presenting author: Yuriko Yamanishi

Applicability of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in a secondary hospital Pelvic floor office

Presenting author: Ariana Cornet

Prevalence and factors associated with urinary incontinence among women with pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Salih Ibrahim

Antecedent history in mixed urinary incontinence and urodynamic diagnoses

Presenting author: Shanteela McCooty

Site-specific repair of posterior vaginal wall prolapse: Long term efficacy

Presenting author: Jeffrey Schachar

Median-term outcome of laparoscopic sacral colpopexy without posterior Mesh

Presenting author: Masayuki Egawa

The role of robotic-assistend laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy for the treatment of apical prolapse

Presenting author: Svetlana Tyurina

The relation between obstructive defecation and anatomic abnormalities among patients with pelvic organ prolapse

Presenting author: Cheng Tan

Satisfaction rates 10 years after trans-obturator vaginal tape

Presenting author: Themistoklis Mikos

Index of technicity as a quality indicator in the gynecology and obstetrics service in a tertiary hospital

Presenting author: Cynthia Ileana Infante Meléndez